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If you want people to be able to call Skype directly, however, you’re going to need to buy a Skype number.Head to the Skype In page and see if your country is listed.Happily for me there is a North American plan, and it only costs .99 a month as of this writing, but note that you can get discounts for paying up front.Head to the Skype rates page and search for the countries you’re interested in calling.

There are two ways to use Skype as a home phone, the first being to buy Skype credit.If you want to call the USA from India you can do that – and pay no more for the privilege than someone in the USA.Check the details closely before paying for a subscription, however.This works well when you’re calling out, but if you want to receive calls regularly you’re going to need to leave your computer on constantly.If this is a problem for you, there are dedicated Skype phones out there you can buy.How much using Skype to replace your phone will cost depends on which countries it is you’d like to call.


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