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Dasher is graduate of University of Southern California.Originally from Houston, Texas, she currently resides in Los Angeles.

Prior to Jane By Design, Dasher co-starred as Madison in The webisode series The Lake.

Nick Roux plays Jane’s best friend and fellow high school student Billy Nutter, the first to learn of Jane’s double life.

California native Roux has appeared on ABC Family and its sibling Disney Channel before – he’s previously guested on THE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE and THE SUITE LIFE ON DECK – but JANE BY DESIGN is his first stint as a series regular.

She's an incredible baker, so I make her make food for me to eat. I think Goodwill is a fun place to start because you can often find really cool patterns on dresses.

I like that each piece is unique and the quality of the craftmanship in vintage clothes is harder to come by, unless you can afford more expensive clothes.17: It can be hard work digging through the clothes you don't want to find really special, unique pieces. ED: When I was in school at USC, there would be theme parties and my friends and I would all go to Goodwill.


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