Alexz and tim dating

In addition to his work at Sweetie Pie’s, Tim has been pursuing a career in music, producing his own original songs as well as writing music for his mother.He is also very active in his local community where he helps create jobs for newly paroled and homeless residents and provides food to those in need.Certainly, all that acting practiced must have helped out immensely once the OWN cameras started rolling on his “real” life.Here’s more from Tim Norman’s background from his official OWN bio: Tim Norman was born and raised in St. His father passed away before he was born, so he and his mother have always been very close.After several months of recording, Johnson announced that the album was almost complete and clips of several potential singles were posted on her official site shortly after.

Every question we have in life can be answered by Joey Ramone lyrics.

When he’s not working or volunteering, Tim loves spending time with his young son TJ and is enjoying his new role as a dad.‘s source reveals.

“They’re in the courting phase and they’re happy and they want to take their time and build with each other without introducing the pressure of TV in the mix.” I give that about another week. Let’s hope her relationship reformation tactics work a little bit better than they did with Apollo.

The album's art direction is based on old 50s-styled movies, which can be see in where the title is stylized in quotation marks on the cover, Johnson is listed as "starring" in the album, and Brendan and she are listed as "starring" on the back cover.

Also, no time length is given for the tracks in the CD artwork.


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