Freaky chats

Her parents said that no one had been using her phone and it had been switched off ever since she passed away.

He had apparently jumped from the window of his 6th floor apartment and taken his own life. When police traced the IP address of the Stranger in this chat log, it led them to a phone belonging to a teenage girl who had committed suicide two years before.

Soon enough, my mum began calling out for me to go to sleep.

As I was about to log off, I asked Bradley what he was doing tomorrow, thinking he might want to stop by my place.

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"The one who sent the letter" The detective replied.

But I still don't believe that stranger, a little bit.

(Stranger Disconnected) I was astonished, She made me call the police and she just go DISCONNECTED!?

It’s not that I don’t trust you LOL Stranger: Well it sounds like ur calling me a liar You: No I’m not.

Stranger: Thanks LOL You: OK, You wanted to know where I live.


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