Twwn dating advice

As with parenting toddlers, parents who don’t accept and constructively negotiate their child's blossoming independence invite rebellion, or even worse, deception.

The biggest danger for tweens is losing the connection to parents while struggling to find their place and connect in their peer world.

Even though your child is becoming more involved in her relationships with peers, it is still important for you to remain responsive to her needs and be there to guide and support her.

You are your child’s first teacher, and your relationship with her forms the basis of her emotional and social development. Taking the time to talk to your child regularly about your values, rules and expectations, and the reasons behind them helps provide her with a blueprint of proper behavior.

A good relationship is based on trust, security, and love.

Nurturing these three values is essential to having a healthy relationship with your adolescent.

Every parent's nightmare is that phone call with the news that something has happened to her child.

Adolescents are still learning and understanding what consequences may follow a particular choice or behavior, Miller adds, and even the most well-behaved middle-schoolers are going to make some poor decisions.

If your child makes a poor choice, work together to find ways that she can handle these situations better in the future.

For example, you may find that your adolescent is talking back and not meeting her responsibilities at home because she wants to spend more time with friends.

If this is the case, explain to her why talking back is unacceptable behavior and why she needs to contribute to the household.


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